WANTED: Guest Bloggers

Would you like to be a guest blogger for License to Pimp or have a blog subject you’d like to see featured on our blog?

If so, please email us at:   LicenseToPimp AT gmail DOT com

AUTHOR:  You must write from a 1st person perspective or personal place about doing sex work and include labor conditions if & when possible.  You must be a current or former sex worker in any sector of the sex industry & in any geographic location. You will be given a byline and a link to your website at the top of the blog as well as a 2-4 sentence bio at the end.  Women, girls, & people of color are highly encouraged to submit a guest post.

TOPICS (suggestions): being a youth sex worker; disclosing that you are a sex worker; sexuality; substance (ab)use; HIV/AIDS and STIs; harm reduction; race & ethnicity; family; stigma; parenting; aging; romance; labor conditions; health & safety; clients; management; menopause; law enforcement; money; quality of life; harassment; disability; getting social services; discrimination; health issues; housing; solidarity or struggles with other sex workers; activism; paying to work; criminalization; decriminalization; legalized sex work; pimps; diet & body issues; and anything else that reveals the lives of sex workers.

PAYMENT:  There is no payment for your contribution.   We don’t have an exclusive contract with you so you may publish your blog post to other websites, in books, magazines, & publications.  By submitting your post to us, you would be granting us permission to use it but you retain copyright over your post.

BLOG LENGTH:  600-800 Words.  Blogs must be spell checked (unless incorrect spelling &/or bad grammar are part of your writing style) & ready for upload.

DEADLINE:  Blogs accepted on a rolling basis.

GRAPHICS:  Attach an image that will be included in your post.  It can be a graphic image of a book cover or a photo of yourself or an activity that’s relevant to your topic.  Images must be taken by you.  If they were taken by someone else, you must have permission to use their image and credit them for their contribution.  Acceptable formats:  jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt, pptx, docx, pps, ppsx, xls, xlsx

VIDEO: (optional & not required) Please upload your video to YouTube and send us the URL to your video so that we can imbed it into your blog post.  The video must be directed by you or you must have permission from the director to post it the License to Pimp BLOG.

You are welcome to submit blogs immediately or contact us to discuss your idea.

Looking forward to your contribution!!

Hima B.
Director of License to Pimp (the movie & blog)

3 Responses to “WANTED: Guest Bloggers”
  1. I’m not sure if this is the way to go with this project, but wondering if there is any interest in something serial – kind of autobiographical style- going over maybe a 20 year period in various aspects of the sex industry. If so, let me know.

  2. Stripper X says:

    Hi, I’m awarding you the Courageous Blogger Award – http://thesouthernstrip.com/2012/08/26/courageous-blogger-lemme-at-em-lemme-at-em/ – keep up the great work getting the message out!

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