Stripper kicks at FlashDancers’ kickbacks (NYC)

March 26, 2011 NYC   She willingly sheds her clothes for money but doesn’t think she should pay for the privilege. A dancer at three city strip clubs yesterday filed suit over allegations that the club owners make her pay illegal kickbacks in order to strut her stuff. In her class-action complaint filed in Manhattan … Continue reading

Penthouse dancer Leslie Liwanag’s lawsuit: “I had to pay jiggle joint to perform!”

(Feb. 12, 2010; NYC) A Penthouse dancer claims the famous jiggle joint cheats its performers out of wages, withholds tips and even charges them for the privilege of working there, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday in Manhattan federal court. Leslie Liwanag claims the club takes a 20% slice out of dancers’ tips, makes them … Continue reading

NYC Penthouse club dancers a class act

(Oct. 27, 2010; NYC) Judge says women’s suit over wages can proceed as class action Nine Penthouse club dancers are officially a class act now that a judge has ruled their lawsuit can be expanded. The women are suing the club in federal court, claiming they were cheated out of tips and wages. A federal … Continue reading

Strippers bare woes in lawsuits against Cheetah’s Lounge and Crazy Horse Too (Las Vegas)

(Mar. 28, 1997, Las Vegas, NV) Exotic dancers seek $30,000 each to cover back pay and tips they say are due them the past two years. Las Vegas strippers have filed a lawsuit charging topless clubs with illegal labor practices for not paying them minimum wage and forcing them to share their tips with club … Continue reading

Scores strips Tips from Workers: Lawsuit (NYC)

(Oct. 11, 2007; NYC) Diamonds aren’t a stripper’s best friend. The Scores jiggle joints have been smacked with a federal lawsuit for skimping on tips paid in “Diamond Dollars” – phony cash that patrons buy with a credit card and use for everything from drinks to gratuities to lap dances. The class-action suit, filed by … Continue reading

Strippers Sue to Be Classified as Employees @ King of Diamonds (Inver Grove, MN)

(June 09, 2009; Inver Grove, MN) When it comes to wage-and-hour laws, strippers are no different from pizza delivery drivers or waitresses. That’s what plaintiffs attorney E. Michelle Drake of Minneapolis-based Nichols Kaster claims in a wage-and-hour class action recently filed against a strip club in suburban Minneapolis. The suit claims that the King of … Continue reading

Are strippers ‘creative professionals’ under FLSA?

(July 9, 2009; Los Angeles, CA) Wage and hour lawsuits are cropping up by the dozens these days — even in industries you’d least suspect. Four female workers filed a suit against their company, claiming they were denied overtime pay. Nothing out of the ordinary here — except that the employees were exotic dancers at … Continue reading

Former Stripper Alleges Déjà Vu Messed With Her Tips (Hollywood, CA)

(Mar 6, 2007; Los Angeles, CA) A former topless dancer sued a North Hollywood strip club for allegedly cheating her on tips, non-payment of minimum and overtime wages and forcing her to work more than eight hours without eating. Melissa Arfat filed the lawsuit Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Déjà Vu of North … Continue reading

Feds win case against Cabaret Royale (Dallas, TX)

(Apr. 6, 1995; Dallas, TX) If you’re a topless dancer who wiggled at Cabaret Royale some time during the past six years, you may be eligible for back pay. So ruled a federal judge last week in a protracted dispute between the U.S. Department of Labor and Dallas’ best-known topless club. The Labor Department won … Continue reading

Class Action Lawsuit filed against Sapphire (Las Vegas, NV)

(2009; Las Vegas, NV) The suit against Sapphire Gentleman’s Club follows a ruling by the Nevada Supreme Court last year allowing a similar class-action lawsuit against another topless club to proceed under state law claims. The suit was filed in Clark County District Court on behalf of dancer Zuri-Kinshasa Maria Terry by lawyers including Robert … Continue reading