More Strippers File Lawsuits

(Sept. 18, 2009; MA) With a flurry of lawsuits, strip clubs like Boston’s Centerfolds might have to change they way they do business. A welcome change might be coming to the way that strippers in Massachusetts get paid. Following an August decision that strippers at King Arthur’s Lounge in Chelsea were improperly classified as independent … Continue reading

Strippers sue Ten’s Show Club (Salisbury, MA) for wages and tips

(Sept.17, 2009; Salisbury, MA) When Noel Van Wagner began working as a stripper in New England clubs about 15 years ago, she typically got a modest wage or no salary at all. But she said she made so much in tips — $300 to 800 per shift — that she didn’t care and didn’t even … Continue reading

Strippers win right to sue for damages from King Arthur’s (Chelsea, MA)

August 10, 2009 Chelsea, MA About 70 strippers who worked at a Chelsea, MA club can each seek thousands of dollars in damages in a class-action lawsuit because their employer misclassified them as ”independent contractors,” depriving them of wages and tips. The suit, which a lawyer for one of the strippers described as the first … Continue reading