When Stripping Fades into the 3-Minute Cock Grind

  GUEST BLOGGER: Diana Morrison bases her post on her observations, reflections, & thoughts formed from over 10 years of dancing in a long list of strip clubs in Houston, California, Reno and Paris to name a few, being a foot model, & a bondage model. Diana also worked in the “real world” in veterinary … Continue reading

Council to hear house rules on The Sugar Lounge (UK)

4/15/11 Reading, UK Punter etiquette in strip clubs, a ban on ‘grinding’ in your knickers and the going rate for a topless dance will be presented to the council on Tuesday. House rules for Reading town centre’s erotic dancing club The Sugar Lounge and plans for a name change of another ‘gentleman’s’ nightclub nearby, have … Continue reading

Stripper kicks at FlashDancers’ kickbacks (NYC)

March 26, 2011 NYC   She willingly sheds her clothes for money but doesn’t think she should pay for the privilege. A dancer at three city strip clubs yesterday filed suit over allegations that the club owners make her pay illegal kickbacks in order to strut her stuff. In her class-action complaint filed in Manhattan … Continue reading

Penthouse dancer Leslie Liwanag’s lawsuit: “I had to pay jiggle joint to perform!”

(Feb. 12, 2010; NYC) A Penthouse dancer claims the famous jiggle joint cheats its performers out of wages, withholds tips and even charges them for the privilege of working there, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday in Manhattan federal court. Leslie Liwanag claims the club takes a 20% slice out of dancers’ tips, makes them … Continue reading

NYC Penthouse club dancers a class act

(Oct. 27, 2010; NYC) Judge says women’s suit over wages can proceed as class action Nine Penthouse club dancers are officially a class act now that a judge has ruled their lawsuit can be expanded. The women are suing the club in federal court, claiming they were cheated out of tips and wages. A federal … Continue reading

Strippers bare woes in lawsuits against Cheetah’s Lounge and Crazy Horse Too (Las Vegas)

(Mar. 28, 1997, Las Vegas, NV) Exotic dancers seek $30,000 each to cover back pay and tips they say are due them the past two years. Las Vegas strippers have filed a lawsuit charging topless clubs with illegal labor practices for not paying them minimum wage and forcing them to share their tips with club … Continue reading

Scores strips Tips from Workers: Lawsuit (NYC)

(Oct. 11, 2007; NYC) Diamonds aren’t a stripper’s best friend. The Scores jiggle joints have been smacked with a federal lawsuit for skimping on tips paid in “Diamond Dollars” – phony cash that patrons buy with a credit card and use for everything from drinks to gratuities to lap dances. The class-action suit, filed by … Continue reading

Strippers Sue to Be Classified as Employees @ King of Diamonds (Inver Grove, MN)

(June 09, 2009; Inver Grove, MN) When it comes to wage-and-hour laws, strippers are no different from pizza delivery drivers or waitresses. That’s what plaintiffs attorney E. Michelle Drake of Minneapolis-based Nichols Kaster claims in a wage-and-hour class action recently filed against a strip club in suburban Minneapolis. The suit claims that the King of … Continue reading

Are strippers ‘creative professionals’ under FLSA?

(July 9, 2009; Los Angeles, CA) Wage and hour lawsuits are cropping up by the dozens these days — even in industries you’d least suspect. Four female workers filed a suit against their company, claiming they were denied overtime pay. Nothing out of the ordinary here — except that the employees were exotic dancers at … Continue reading

Feds win case against Cabaret Royale (Dallas, TX)

(Apr. 6, 1995; Dallas, TX) If you’re a topless dancer who wiggled at Cabaret Royale some time during the past six years, you may be eligible for back pay. So ruled a federal judge last week in a protracted dispute between the U.S. Department of Labor and Dallas’ best-known topless club. The Labor Department won … Continue reading