$10 Million Settlement for Strippers in CA, NV, TX, KY, FL, & ID

(4/11; CA, NV, TX, KY, FL, & ID) If you’re a stripper & worked in specific strip clubs in CA, NV, TX, KY, FL, & ID, you might you might be entitled to backwages of minimum wages & recuperation of your stage fees (illegal tip sharing) that management required you to pay as a condition … Continue reading

Law proposed to require condom use in California porn

(May 2011; CA) Legislation is being proposed in California that would require porn producers to supply condoms on set to porn stars*. The proposal will be reviewed on June 7, 2011 in Los Angeles in a public forum. Considering that we are now in the 3rd decade of the AIDS epidemic, it seems like this … Continue reading

Are strippers ‘creative professionals’ under FLSA?

(July 9, 2009; Los Angeles, CA) Wage and hour lawsuits are cropping up by the dozens these days — even in industries you’d least suspect. Four female workers filed a suit against their company, claiming they were denied overtime pay. Nothing out of the ordinary here — except that the employees were exotic dancers at … Continue reading

Former Stripper Alleges Déjà Vu Messed With Her Tips (Hollywood, CA)

(Mar 6, 2007; Los Angeles, CA) A former topless dancer sued a North Hollywood strip club for allegedly cheating her on tips, non-payment of minimum and overtime wages and forcing her to work more than eight hours without eating. Melissa Arfat filed the lawsuit Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Déjà Vu of North … Continue reading

O’Farrell Theatre’s court dance nears end

03/25/07 The Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre has never been a stranger to controversy, but while some see the infamous strip club as an embattled symbol of free expression, others see a track record of labor troubles. For the second time in its storied history, the theater’s management company faces a class-action lawsuit by dancers who … Continue reading