CNN Money: Strippers vs. Clubs in fight over Labor Rights



CNN Money interviewed me & some other strippers regarding employment rights entitled “Strippers vs. Clubs in fight over Labor Rights.”  I appreciate that they focused on the labor aspects of stripping to debunk the notion that strippers are independent contractors when in fact they’re employees.  The article also quoted 1 of our supporters, Shannon Liss-Riordan, a lawyer who’s represented strippers in class action law suits.

The only part I have a problem with is with CNN’s video entitled “Strippers cash in on lonely oilmen” which essentially profiles strippers from a club in North Dakota as preying & profiting off workers in the oil industry who come through the club’s doors.  It’s unfortunate that none of the strippers profiled talk about how much they’re paying to work but hopefully viewers will glean that from the article.

That being said, if you so feel inclined, please comment on CNN’s discussion board to counterbalance comments from readers who think that strippers should just quit [and find “real jobs”] if they don’t like their conditions; that they’re not real labor; & that they’re independent contractors & therefore not entitled to employee rights.

As for an update on the film itself:  we’re continuing to make progress in editing & hope to have a rough cut in April/May.  So much to do in the weeks ahead but grateful that this film will appeal to some pretty diverse audiences…


XXO Hima


One Response to “CNN Money: Strippers vs. Clubs in fight over Labor Rights”
  1. Amber says:

    I am an Exotic Entertainer and I have a few comments and would like to discuss them personally- Please have someone contact me in reguards to this documentary please as soon as possiable, thank you

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