HOURS Left to Fund LICENSE TO PIMP on Kickstarter

LESS THAN 24 Hours to Fund LICENSE TO PIMP on Kickstarter

This Kickstarter Update #13 contains an audio excerpt from an interview I did with a stripper named “Kat.”  She has worked as a stripper in San Francisco for nearly 2 decades and started when she was 18 years old.  She’s still going strong + working in the clubs + I respect that Kat’s figured out a way to make the system work for her so she can remain in the industry.  What happens behind the curtains of the private booths?  Her audio is distorted upon her request because she talks about the pressure to prostitute as a result of the illegal stage fees the strip clubs charge. Kat is one of several women I interviewed who is afraid that speaking out about what labor conditions are really like can get her fired. Blackballed.

Kickstarter Update #13:  “Behind the Curtain” 

Listen to Kat’s Interview by Backing LICENSE TO PIMP on Kickstarter. 

GO HERE to SUPPORT a Film that brings a Labor Analysis to the Sex Industry

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  1. Strip Club says:

    Your Content is just like your website name, Great!
    Best Regards

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