Java Juggs Baristas charged with prostitution (Edmonds & Everett, WA)

Java Juggs (Edmonds, WA)

(Jul 7, 2011, Edmonds, WA )

The owner of a string of espresso stands has been arrested on suspicion of prostitution, and three of her employees are also facing charges, following a months-long investigation by Edmonds police.

The investigation was launched in October 2010 after police received a number of complaints from citizens steamed up about a handful of baristas at the Java Juggs espresso stand exposing themselves to customers.

“It was really, from what I understand, quite simple,” says Sgt. Don Anderson of the Edmonds police. “It wasn’t a great deal of effort in getting these girls to expose themselves.”

Undercover officers working in plainclothes and posing as customers obtained video evidence of several violations during the course of the investigation, according to police.

Most of the violations involved employees exposing themselves to customers for large tips at the Java Juggs stand, located at Highway 99 and 212th Street Southwest in Edmonds, police said.

“Tip the barista a ten or a twenty, the barista would say, ‘Thank you, what did I do to deserve this?’ It took very little dialogue for the barista to expose herself,” Sgt. Anderson says.

Some of the violations also involved physical contact with the barista in exchange for money, according to investigators.

“Between exposing themselves for a fee and and then actually allowing customers to touch them or fondle them for money, that’s the difference,” says Sgt. Don Anderson.

The investigation also revealed that the owner of the business, a 49-year-old Snohomish woman who owns three Java Juggs espresso stands in Edmonds and South Everett, was also involved in these activities, police said.

She was arrested June 30 for investigation of three counts of prostitution and one count of permitting prostitution.

Three employees were not physically arrested, but will be facing potential charges as well, including prostitution and unlawful exposure, police said.

Sgt. Anderson says the baristas worked all three stands, like a circuit.

He says police are still monitoring all three of the Java Juggs in Snohomish County to make sure there are not any additional violations.

The arrests mark the second time in two years that undercover officers have turned up evidence of unlawful conduct at espresso stands in Snohomish County.

In January 2010, undercover cops took 17 photos that allegedly captured the five baristas at the Grab ‘N Go Espresso Stand performing sex acts.

source: KOMO News 4 TV
Jul 7, 2011
By KOMO Staff
KOMO News video:


Photos detail investigation into baristas charged with prostitution

(Everett, WA) Baristas charged with Prostiution

(Jan 8, 2010; Everett, WA) Surveillance photos taken at a local espresso stand captured baristas in the buff performing alleged sex acts.

During a recent sting, undercover police officers took 17 photos that allegedly captured the five baristas at the Grab ‘N Go Espresso Stand serving up more than steamy lattes. KOMO News obtained the photos after arguing in court for their release.

Most of the photos are too explicit to show online, with one of the baristas allegedy exposing her crotch in a photo taken by police.

According to police reports, baristas posed naked for customer photos in exchange for $20. The baristas posed on the espresso stand counter, and even crouched in the window for anyone – even passing cars – to see.

Police were led to the stand after 40 citizen complaints poured in over the summer. Four especially graphic photos show baristas licking whipped creamed off of each other’s private parts.

Undercover cops snapped pictures of baristas in pasties, thongs and revealing nighties. The five baristas have pleaded not guilty to prostitution charges.

In a recent interview, the stand’s owner insisted that his girls “are good girls,” and if they did anything wrong, they’d be fired.

Following the scandal at the Grab ‘N Go, Snohomish County lawmakers made big changes, making anything more revealing than a bikini on a barista illegal at stands outside Everett city limits. The rule affects Grab ‘N Go’s sister stand on Highway 99, where the baristas were seen donning bikinis on Thursday.

At the Everett Grab ‘N Go stand, the baristas were all sporting bikinis, and appeared to be serving up only lattes and no nudity.

The five charged baristas will have to answer to the surveillance photos in court next month.

source: KOMO News 4 TV
Jan 8, 2010
By Michelle Esteban
KOMO News video:

One Response to “Java Juggs Baristas charged with prostitution (Edmonds & Everett, WA)”
  1. In my opinion, it appears that the baristas acted more like strippers. Why doesn’t the espresso owner just run a java strip club/peepshow instead? Clearly the current women working in them are OK with getting tipped to show their goods to customers & be “interactive.”

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