Strip Club On Wheels Seized In Racketeering Bust (Atlanta, GA)

WSBTV news reporter outside the mobile Strip Club (Atlanta, GA)

(5/27/11) If you’re in Atlanta, GA, this strip club might just drive to you….or rather it could have before it got seized as part of a racketeering scheme. But it’s pretty brilliant: the idea of having a mobile strip club. I’m surprised that there’s not more around or that escort agencies haven’t expanded their already mobile services to include in-calls within a moving vehicle. Four people were arrested in conjunction with a shoplifting operation that included this party bus as well as other cars and appliances.

WSBTV news reporter inside the Mobile Strip Club shows off the stripper pole

And like any decent strip club, this mobile strip club came equipped with a stripper pole & bar, & a choice of 30 strippers who provide “hands on experience” and tote that “we do extra.” Why don’t they just say that they are really a mobile brothel? Well, obviously because prostitution is criminalized so sex workers & pimps must resort to using coded language to express the services they provide. I hope the strippers who were involved in this find work in strip clubs. But that is no guarantee that their labor rights will be respected in these establishments since the majority of strip clubs in America & elsewhere violate basic labor laws by mis-classifying exotic dancers as independent contractors, not paying them minimum wages, charging them to work, & taking their tips.

Backpage ad for Mobile Strip Club (Atlanta, GA)

Time will tell if the arrested fences are also charged with pimping the women working in their mobile unit.

Fences arrested from Mobile Strip Club seizure (Atlanta, GA)

WSBTV news video:

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