Strippers Attempt to Ride Vertical Pole All the Way to Olympic Games

Pole Dancing_Olympic Games


As anyone who has ever visited a strip club knows it takes more than courage, daddy issues, and a desperate need for quick cash to hop up on a stripper pole. It takes a skilled athlete. Gyrating up and down a steel pole all night in front of men tossing singles on stage not only lowers your self worth, but it wears on your quads and core.

In recent years pole dancing has been getting more credit for the unrivaled art form and disciplined workout routine that it truly is. Pole dancing classes take place nightly throughout the country, putting smiles on men’s faces everywhere, while allowing women to connect with their inner-stripper.

Now that Carmen Electra has popular exercise tapes featuring a stripper pole and women in Texas are grinding their private parts against it on Sundays in praise of Jesus Christ, how much more mainstream can pole dancing get?

Well, according to The Guardian, stripper’s battle for legitimacy goes above and beyond sanctioned pole dancing competitions. In fact they want to make pole dancing an official Olympic sport.

To: International Olympic Committee

Vertical Dance and Labfitness would like you to sign our Olympic petition!

After a great deal of feed back from the Pole Dance community many of us have decided that its about time pole fitness is recognised as a competitive sport and what better way for recognition, then to be part of the 2012 Olympics held in London!

Like the horizontal bar, the vertical bar should have a place in international competitive sport. We believe that like Rhythmic Gymnastic, the Horizontal Bar and Figure Skating, Pole Dance/Vertical Dance is acrobatic, gymnastic, technical and takes a great deal of physical skill and strength to master, earning it a place in the greatest sporting event in the world. Over 50 countries world wide take part in lessons, workshops, conventions, expose, competitions and teacher training. This is an international sport that both men, women and those that are on a low income can take part in, unlike sports such as horse riding, sailing and snow based sports.

This is by no means a fad or a trend, Pole is here to stay.

Please come together to sign our petition to lobby the International Olympic committee to having pole dance as test sport for the 2012 Olympics in London. They have just introduced BMX biking as an official sport so why not Vertical Dance???????

Have your say and sign our online petition!


The Undersigned

There are currently 5866 e-signatures on the petition, and yes, whoever wrote this did spell recognized incorrectly. But more importantly they have re-branded their sport/hobby/profession as Vertical Dance, an activity that requires all the skill and creativity of gymnastics with 1/16th of the clothes.

The International Olympic Committee has been known to allow some rather obscure sports into the Olympic landscape, such as Trampoline, Tug of War, Rhythmic Dance and Skeet Shooting (HaHa). However there has never been an Olympic event which has a history steeped heavily in titty shaking for dollar bills.

The Guardian also makes the excellent point that if Vertical Dance were to be made into an official Olympic sport, the world-class gymnasts who train for the horizontal or parallel bars would take no time to conquer the vertical kind. Thus knocking out all ex-strippers and average Jane pole-dancing fanatics, and defeating the whole reason they’ll petitioning to make it a sport in the first place. Let’s face it, pole dancing is either an exercise or occupational requirement, not an Olympic sport.

Also, some food for thought: Lets say for a minute that Vertical Dance became sanctioned as an Olympic event, then we’ll have 8- 16-year-old girls training vigorously at pole dancing. Which gives them very interesting training for fallback career. I know some people in America may be ready for that kind of society, but those people are all really creepy.

The Guardian
writer: Matt Kiebus


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