Danielle Staub: “I have addictions and need psychological treatment”


Danielle Staub has decided she needs professional help.

The former The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has decided to “walk away” from a recently-signed 3-year contract with a strip club and seek treatment for psychological problems caused by childhood sexual abuse.

“I have addictions with love and low self-esteem, and I need help!” the 48-year-old told People.

“My low self-esteem derived from childhood sexual abuse has messed with my mind and self-worth, and over the years I thought about getting help but pushed it deep into the depths of denial.”

News of Staub’s contract had surfaced earlier this week when TMZ published photos of Staub — who previously worked as a stripper when she was younger — dancing nude at Scores Gentleman’s Club in New York City.

While Staub told People her former managers “coaxed” her into signing the stripping deal, she also said she is taking responsibility for the decision.

“I have to own my mistakes and can’t blame others,” she said.

Staub claims her “addictions” have also caused her to consider suicide over the years.

Danielle Staub (photo: John Heller/Getty Images)

“For years I have had the suicide hotline on my cell phone and would like nothing more than to free myself from this constant pressure,” she told People.

“Seeing how I have hurt myself and my family this time, I can no longer push it behind me.”

However based on her choice of professional help, it appears Staub, who is already currently filming VH1’s upcoming Famous Food reality show, may also be eyeing a spot on the next season of the network’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew reality series.

According to Staub, she has “sought out” Celebrity Rehab star Drew Pinsky for assistance with her issues.

Reality TV World staff writer

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