Caregiver Sentenced After Allowing Mentally-Impaired Woman To Work At Strip Club

Lexington, KY

A Lexington caregiver has been sentenced to five years in prison for taking a mentally-handicapped woman in her care to work at a strip club.

Patricia Hacker, a state registered nurse’s aide, was supposed to be taking care of the 21-year old mentally handicapped woman, watching after her, and according to a Commonwealth’s Attorney, was supposed to “drive her around, take her to the zoo, take her shopping, that kind of thing.”

Instead, investigators say Hacker brought her to Diva’s Gentleman’s Club in Lexington and signed her up for a job as a dancer/stripper. “The victim reported that her caretaker had taken her to a local gentleman’s club and got her a job as a dancer,” said Commonwealth’s Attorney Dan Laren. .

For a week last June, tthe woman danced under the stage name “Vixen”, with half of her profits going straight to Hacker. An interview with the victim also uncovered that Hacker had done even more.

“(Hacker) had basically facilitated a sexual episode between her and a gentleman she met at the club,” said Laren.

Hacker was the only one charged in the case, because Laren said that when it came time to question the manager of the club, he couldn’t be found.

Hacker denied LEX 18’s request for an interview, but her husband said over the phone that it was the mentally-handicapped woman’s idea to work at the club, and that Hacker simply got the application for her and turned it in.

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