Gilgo and Cedar Beach Serial Killer is on the loose

Cedar Beach, NY: Do Not Remove Evidence Flags @ Crime Scenes

Dec. 14, 2010
Suffolk County, NY

Suffolk County’s top cop said Tuesday that a serial murderer could be on the loose, as authorities searched a pristine coastal island where four corpses have been found.

“We could have a serial killer,” Police Commissioner Richard Dormer told reporters on the windswept barrier island where the bodies were found.

The bodies were found between Gilgo Beach and Cedar Beach, in heavy brush near Ocean Parkway, which runs along the narrow island.

As the investigation mushroomed on Tuesday, cops reached out to the FBI for help, considering it likely the probe would stretch beyond the state.

The area near the crime scene was closed off to outside traffic early Tuesday afternoon as cops ramped up the search, looking to see if the snow-dusted dunes concealed additional grisly secrets.

The first discovery was made on Saturday when a human skeleton was found. Three more bodies, in various stages of decompositon, were found Monday.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that four bodies ended up in this area,” Dormer said, adding that investigators assume they were all “dumped by the same person or persons.”

The bodies were found within a quarter-mile area.

“They weren’t clustered together,” Dormer said. “It appears that they were thrown out of a vehicle into foliage, in the area that is off the roadway, so that they wouldn’t be seen.”

Two of the victims were women. Investigators have yet to determine the gender of the other two. None have been identified.

Dormer said the identification process could take weeks, but that investigators are poring over listings of missing persons, both locally and nationally.

The first discovery was made by a cop and a canine officer searching an area where a missing New Jersey prostitute was last seen alive May 1, Dormer said.

Shannon Gilbert, 24, a prostitute from Jersey City, N.J., met a john on Craigslist and arranged a rendezvous on nearby Fire Island.

Dormer said detectives are looking to question the john and Gilbert’s pimp.

He said investigators have not been able to determine if the bodies suffered obvious trauma – but he added that cops won’t tip their hand.

“There’s certain information about the crime scene and about the condition of the bodies, that we can’t make public,” he said.



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