Police raid nabs 7 on prostitution charges in CT Strip Bar

Bridgeport, CT police

Nov. 24, 2010
Bridgeport, CT

Police raided a city strip bar and arrested seven people on prostitution charges.

Police said the bartender, bouncer, three female dancers and two male patrons were arrested during the raid Sunday night at Pleasant Moments Cafe on William Street.

According to police, state Liquor Control agents were undercover in the cafe when a female dancer, identified as Racquel Allen, approached them and offered to provide oral sex for one of the agents for $60 and $40 for the other agent.

Police said the agents left the cafe and gave a signal to waiting members of the Police Department’s Tactical Narcotics Team who then raided the cafe.

At the back of the cafe, police said, they found two small booths where two dancers were having sexual intercourse with two patrons.

Police said they found 50 unopened condoms in the dancers’ dressing room.

Three dancers, Allen, 20, Carmen Castro, 44, and Benita Garcia, 44, were all charged with prostitution and later released after posting $2,500 bonds.

Cafe employees, Octavial Anderson, 24, and Reginald Jackson, 26, were charged with permitting prostitution and released on $2,500 bonds and two patrons, Juan Bordelies, 42, and Fredy Cruz, 21, were charged with patronizing a prostitute and released on $2,500 bonds

CT Post
writer: Daniel Tepfer
article: http://www.ctpost.com/policereports/article/Police-raid-nabs-7-on-prostitution-charges-827959.php#ixzz1H1DzhQQR


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