Former Stripper Alleges Déjà Vu Messed With Her Tips (Hollywood, CA)

Hollywood, CA: Deja Vu

(Mar 6, 2007; Los Angeles, CA)

A former topless dancer sued a North Hollywood strip club for allegedly cheating her on tips, non-payment of minimum and overtime wages and forcing her to work more than eight hours without eating.

Melissa Arfat filed the lawsuit Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Déjà Vu of North Hollywood, alleging various violations of the state’s Business and Professions and Labor codes.

Arfat is seeking to have her lawsuit certified as a class action so that she can represent all employees of the club who were “performing live, nude, semi-nude or bikini dance entertainment to (the club’s) customers.”

Arfat worked from May through August 2006, her lawsuit stated. During that time, she was required to share her dance tips with management, disc jockeys, door men, security guards and bartenders in violation of state law, the lawsuit stated.

According to the suit, she and other dancers were required to work a minimum of six hours nightly. If they didn’t, the suit contends, the strip club would take away the tips the dancers received for their first eight lap dances and keep half of any other tips they received for the rest of the shift.

Arfat’s lawsuit asks for restitution of those portions of tips and gratuities taken by management, plus minimum and overtime wage compensation due her and other dancers for the club.


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